10 Seaweed Collagen Masks

10 Seaweed Collagen Masks

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10 Pcs Seaweed Mask collagen Acne Freckle scar Whitening Anti-inflammatory


  • 100% Natural plant Seaweed Mask,

  • is a versatile and effective beauty mask,

  • It is rich in vitamin C/E, bone collagen, natural moisturizing factors,

  • cleanses the skin, removal facial dead skin, Soften the horny, Balance grease, Promote blood circulation in skin cells,

  • play a role in wrinkle removal, Spot Removing, Whitening moisture, diminish inflammation,reducing wrinkles and helping eliminate dark circles.

  • Increased nutrient water, After using, skin feeling immature smooth , Whitening and soft, more elastic and youthful vitality.

How to Use:

  • 1. Remove a mask

  • 2. Adding some warm water and collagen of particles began leaking

  • 3. Began to stir, if dry, add a little water

  • 4. When it cannot Can not absorb more water, it is ok

  • 5. To make it into the shape of the mask

  • 6. Wash face, dry it, and then deposit the mask on the face

  • 7.20-30 Minutes later, tear off the mask,

Parcels included:

  • 10 X Seaweed Mask